Our Enterprise PPC Service Includes:

Enterprise PPC is a service that involves paid research to deliver the ultimate results for your business.  It is an online advertising and if you’ve got a sizable budget for your marketing strategy, Enterprise PPC is one of those avenues that really drives revenue.  We guarantee more leads, more inquiries, and more sales!

Enterprise Pay Per Click – Tactics

Quick Enterprise Pay-Per-Click Tactics

Enterprise PPC takes your regular service up to another level and at Armeva it is designed to take you far ahead of your competition. You will have your very own Armeva PPC Project Manager who is assigned to your project after careful examination. The number of tactics will be provided as required are:

  • Thorough analysis of your industry;
  • PPC ad copywriting for search ads;
  • We target Google PPC;
  • We target Bing PPC;
  • We look after shopping feed management, where applicable;
  • We design ad banners or remarket previous ad banners;
  • We design YouTube video ads;
  • We deliver reports on PPC activity including metrics;
  • Our service analyses competitors’ advertising;
  • Our team creates a campaign and strategy for your Enterprise PPC;
  • The service includes advanced keyword research (ongoing);
  • Bid management;
  • and more!




Why Switch Up to Enterprise PPC Management?

If you are already using PPC Management and you are excited with the results, but you would like even more – then it is definitely time to upgrade your management to Enterprise PPC. Enterprise takes your online advertising further than ever before and targets the ultimate leads, generating vast amounts of traffic to your website.  It involves an extraordinarily powerful advertising campaign that is constantly visible and in front of your audience.  It also involves tapping into underutilized opportunities.  While our PPC service is affordable, Enterprise PPC is designed for bigger companies with a larger -affordable- budgets, and we guarantee you will be pleased the results.

Not finished.

Once your ads are up and running, we don’t leave them there.  Possibly the most important element of Enterprise PPC is the monitoring the results in case of any improvement.  You are on the right hands with Artificial Intelligence, Google analytics, and specialist search techniques.   

Still not satisfied?

Enterprise PPC includes re-marketing, which is designed to show ads to people who’ve previously demonstrated interest in what you do.  With 70% of customers more likely to convert after seeing an ad relating to a product or service they’ve already considered. It is a worthy tool for any business to take advantage of. 

We also offer shopping ad creation that displays photographs of your products with enticing copy and encourages click-through to your website to purchase. 


Landing Pages, Creative Copy, Creative Design, and Video

Rely on Armeva to look after your entire Enterprise PPC campaign, we will even take care of your landing pages and the creative side of your ads – with your approval of course.  In addition to static images, landing pages, and copy creation for your PPC, we provide video advertising, which is one of the best methods to get visitors to convert.  The results speak for themselves, video can increase conversion by up to 80%!  If you’re not using video yet, we would like to simulate you just how effective it is.With PPC across a number of platforms including Facebook and YouTube.  It really makes you stand out from the crowd! 

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