An Outstanding YouTube Social Media Advertising Service

Being leaders in digital advertising, Armeva promises you an exemplary YouTube Social Media Advertising Service and we will build your campaign from scratch, giving you all of the following and more:

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Be Ahead of the Video Advertising Game

Millions of businesses across the world have pivoted their marketing strategy and placed video advertising high on their priority lists and it’s not surprising.  Research tells us that there are 122 million active YouTube users every day, consuming 1 billion hours of content (daily!).  60% of YouTube users in the USA use the platform every day and every minute, 500 minutes of new content is uploaded.  Needless to say, your audience is on YouTube so when you use a targeted video advertising campaign, designed by Armeva, you’ll further extend your reach.  Here’s some more about the benefits of using us for YouTube Social Media Advertising:

  • Video is right on trend and continues to grow. Armeva always stays ahead of the curve, so we know what’s coming next before it emerges.  Combining our knowledge and our expertise on market trends along with our creativity, you will get a superior result.

  • We continue to train our staff on YouTube video creation (and video creation across the market) so we know how to promote video effectively and constantly explore new techniques to stay ahead of our competitors
  • We never overcharge. When we give you a price, we stick to it with no hidden extras
  • Our reporting is easy to understand and regular, we provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports on how your YouTube Social Media Advertising campaign performs so you know that we’re generating the best results for you. Within our reporting, you’ll understand how many video views you get, your viewing rate, your impressions, your shares, your likes, and more.

  • With Armeva, your dedicated Project Manager will keep you up-to-date. We like to communicate and if you need us, we’re there for you.

  • We implement a Google Ads and Google Analytics campaign in addition to your YouTube Social Media Advertising campaign to further boost your results.

YouTube Social Media Advertising – Big Benefits!

We’re sure that you’re tempted to contact us to discuss your YouTube Social Media Advertising – here are some more excellent reasons why choosing us will take your business to another level!

  • Your audience is on YouTube and they’re active. Did you know that the average viewing session is approximately 30 to 40 minutes?  There’s so much opportunity to showcase your brand and cement it in the minds of your audience, and – generate extra leads.

  • Research tells us that people are ten times more likely to interact with a video than through text. Visuals are far more impactful.

  • People share videos, over 5 billion videos a day get shared via YouTube, and when people see something, they like, they’re very likely to show their friends, family, and colleagues. With even more exposure this makes it easier for your brand to reach more people.

people from all around the world are connected to each other while sharing videos on YouTube with different languages

What You Can Use YouTube Social Media Advertising For?

Use YouTube Social Media Advertising for so many ways to get your business in front of a bigger audience.  Our customers use it to promote their business’ information videos, to present how-to guides and explainer videos, to show Influencers using their products and services, to detail how products are made, for behind-the-scenes at their offices or other, to send messages and so much more!  Video gives you a wealth of options to use – and it can be enormously entertaining too!

We know we can help you so join the thousands of happy customers that we’ve already helped with their YouTube Social Media Advertising campaigns (and continue to work with).  Be our next success story.  Get in touch with us today by clicking here.

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