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What a SEO Company Does

To get your website in front of the right audience, SEO (search engine optimization) is imperative.  While you can do it yourself, it’s complicated, and it takes a lot of time – and patience.  There’s also technique when it comes to SEO and knowing how to employ the right methods makes the difference between an SEO strategy that works, and one that’s ineffective.  That’s why most businesses nowadays use qualified SEO companies like Armeva to improve their Google ranking.  Understanding what an SEO company is and what it can do for you is useful, because when you use the right SEO business you will see exceptional results.  Let’s tell you all about SEO companies for you to decide if using one will make a difference (it will!).  When you decide to switch your SEO to a dedicated company like Armeva, you give your business real visibility on Google, and you know what that means – more leads and more sales!


An SEO company should do the following for you:

•  Boost your website traffic.
•  Generate more leads and sales.
•  Improve your ranking.
•  Increase your visibility on search engines.
•  Level up your brand’s credibility.
•  Give you more exposure to the right audience.

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What Can SEO Company Do For You?

An SEO company specializes in search engine optimization with the aim of improving a business’ online presence.  It’s quite intricate.  It involves modifying your website’s design and content to make sure it’s picked up by search engines and is valuable to the end user. The more SEO applied to your website, the better it ranks on Google with the prize being appearing in the top few results displayed by Google after a search is performed.

Keywords must always be relevant to your business, its products, or its services.  An SEO expert will identify your top-performing keywords (there might be hundreds, even thousands) and use these in your content to drive more organic traffic to your website.  It’s not only about ranking on Google, but also about ranking on all of the best search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing too.

What Do we Offer?

An SEO company will use various techniques to improve your website’s rankings such as the following:

  • A full, website audit to check its performance.
  • Identification of keywords.
  • Formulating an SEO Marketing Strategy to improve your search engine ranking and generate more.
  • Leads to your website.
  • Implementing your strategy.
  • Monitoring the results of your strategy.

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There are so many reasons why employing an SEO company is a good idea, not only will it save you valuable time (so you get on with other aspects of your business that are equally important) but a decent SEO agency will deliver results in just a few weeks.  Here are some more important benefits you should consider:

  • A quality SEO business will help you to reach the golden egg – page one of Google and other search engines – for you main keywords.
  • A good SEO company will deliver quality website traffic.
  • Using a proper SEO company, you should receive regular reports to show performance.
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SEO Services That Deliver Results

Armeva employs up-to-date tools and strategies when it comes to quality search engine optimization and we know how to get your business onto page one of all search engines, increasing web traffic and boosting brand awareness.

We use keywords, check your website is performing for visitors, and look at off-page SEO as well.  We also check your website’s architecture to make sure it’s fully optimized to give your business all the tools it needs to be seen by the right audience.

If we see anything that needs changing, we’ll inform you and get to work on improving your website.  Remember, the higher your website climbs, the better visibility it gains, and you’ll get more click-throughs to your website.  When you rank better, you get qualified leads to your website because your website pops up in searches, so the user looking for your products and services will automatically be directed to your business. That means relevant traffic that’s more likely to convert. To give you further confidence, research tells us that almost 72% of users convert when they see results that appear on the first page of search engines.  That means a strong SEO strategy will almost definitely bring your website increased amounts of traffic.

Even if you do your own SEO for your website, you need to understand reporting.  SEO is easy to monitor when you use our SEO company, as a quality business will provide you with full, monthly analytics so you see exactly where you appear on search engines and how each keyword performs.  Reporting allows you to tweak and modify your SEO strategy, remove some keywords, and add in others so you’re constantly updating and improving your ranking.

If you’re considering using an SEO company for your website, then choosing Armeva is the wisest decision!  We will discuss your business goals with you and come up with an outstanding SEO strategy guaranteed to deliver results.  While it’s impossible to measure SEO over a period of a few days or weeks, you should see a tangible return within just a couple of months, as it takes time for Google to pick up your website’s new activity.  With regular reporting, we will show you the detail, and you’ll see how effective our SEO tactics are.  So get in touch today and let’s start putting an SEO strategy into place.  You’ll love working with us!

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