Right Messages Right Visitors Right Time!

With Armeva, you can customize each of your customers’ or clients’ website experience, so they feel that you’re speaking directly to them.  That drives loyalty and trust – but most importantly, it drives sales.  There’s a reason why personalized web content work and that’s because all customers are different.  Using our service, you can tailor specific content to a customer, depending on how they navigate your website.  It’s brilliantly clever and there’s more.  You can also customize your offers and base them on demographics, plus, with our specialist technology, you get to analyze your visitors’ behavior in real time, that means you can respond to them using the right calls to action.  Essentially, personalized content is getting the right message to the right visitor at the right time.  We’d like to tell you more about how personalized web content works – get in touch to chat.

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How Personalized Content Works

Using our technology, we collect data on your visitors’ demographics and on-site behavior.  We also take note of the referring site and track your visitors’ actions in real time.  Using that information, we can respond with a tailored CTA based on what we think they’re going to do next.  So, that could be providing relevant products, services, or packages because we know where they’ve come from, what they’re looking for and what their previous behavior was like.  We will tailor a set of content that adjusts automatically to match your visitors’ behavior.


What You Can Do With Personalized Content

There’s so much you can do with personalized content:

  • You can tailor a personalized greeting, to help visitors navigate your website.
  • You can refresh a previous visitor’s memory by displaying what they viewed on a previous visit.
  • You can post messages by using CTAs such as “Find Out More” or “Sign Up Here” or even tailor an offer such as “10% off Just For You”.
  • You can also suggest content, and this is a good way to keep visitors on your website, so they don’t rush off….

So why not improve your web visitors’ journey when they land on your website with personalized content that encourages better conversions and drives bigger sales?  We know you’re going to love this marketing strategy!  Contact a personalized content expert today by clicking here.

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