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How to Boost Your Web Traffic

In order to gain web traffic, you need to have an effective marketing strategy that is well thought out and researched. We come up with new, innovative ways to generate that traffic always poses a challenge. Be ahead of the game by updating you channels. Using a digital marketing company that thoroughly understands all the methods available is the key to a successful business. Armeva makes you achieve the goals, often by exceeding them.  Here are some of the methods we employ to boost your web traffic:

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Every marketing needs keyword optimization, so you need you find yours and fight for its ranking high on the search engines. Your competitors are might be ahead of you just because they know how to keyword research. Keywords are vital for you web content, they must always appear naturally, so Google doesn’t penalize you for “keyword stuffing” or un-optimezed efforts. Also, when it comes to content, you need to add meta descriptions to your web pages, page titles, headers and URLs.

If you are not familiar with the importance of the keywords, you better be! Come to Armeva, to identify and insert regularly performing keyword research since it changes and evolves.





Creating and publishing guest post or sponsored posts offers for leading websites is another effective method for boosting web traffic.  It’s a sure-fire way of getting your business or brand name out to other audiences. We have a wide range of network and team of experts know where to link your name to drive traffic from that authoritarian sites.


To attract every potential customers, your content must be out-standing,  carefully thought out,  memorable, interesting, engaging, and relevant.  Adding a blog part to your website is an effective way to encourage more web traffic and inform your customers about what you care. Then,  post regularly! Google loves fresh content and always let your customers know when you’ve added a new content. We will create – promote  –  make it clickable!


Social media is a powerful tool for all businesses and another avenue to direct customers to your website.  Use it for the following:

  • Post new contents, such as a blog, e-book, guide, infographics, and video. If you’ve got something new to say, use social media to promote it.
  • Creating a dialogue with your  followers, always respond to comments, repost their content and tag them when you do so.
  • Use hashtags, these are searchable terms that social media users use to look for information.
  • Always update the link section in your social media bios to inform your followers.
  • Be exciting and enticing, so the content you post encourages your audience to click on the link and read it.
  • Use Twitter for customer service, it’s an effective customer care channel works like a customer queries, complaints and feedback pool.
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Creating an interactive tool or app relevant to your brand is another way to keep customers engaged with your contents and to reach them wherever they are. Keeping you mobile and online is the best thing you may ever do for yourself. People love to use their devices, creating accounts for special apps and using privileged tools connected with the brands they follow.


Pay-Per-Click advertising is the ongoing channeling of the online, and one of the easy ways to boost web traffic. However, you must know when-where-what-how to stage your content. It needs a special management but once you experienced it you’ll get the meaning of how powerful it can be when it is given to the hands of an expert, Armeva.


Influencers are the new leading power of the online universe. If you have not collaborate with them or don’t know how to reach them, let us introduce you to this shining universe. Once they name your brand, sit and wait how powerful they drive every little potential customers to your brand. It is quite critique to match with the right influencer for you vision and expectations, we work with industy-leading organic followered influencers.


Another effective method to generate more website traffic is through regular, monthly newsletters that are sent out via email and promoted on social media.  We keep them short and sweet, with relevant information relating to new products or services, and place links strategically in the body of the text so your reader clicks onto your website.


If you’ve got something to shout about, try an online press release to promote your business or brand.  There are lots of online tools to do this for you.  Armeva content strategies create perfectly optimized and readable – genuine press for your essential news!

Finally, there are so many different tools available to drive traffic and they should be utilized as part of your marketing campaign.  Some will work better than others but to gauge interest, you should adopt two or three and mix them up with other marketing activity to see which work best for you.  For more excellent ways to increase web traffic, contact Armeva and we will come up with a list of creative, effective methods that drive real ROI.

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