How to Generate and Convert Users

Your website has fantastic impact visually -you mighty proud of what you have achieved- but you are not getting the hits as expected!  Why? You have done your research, your messages are punchy and clear, you’ve even conducted a Google Analytics search for your keywords and longtail phrases and everything, well, what is the problem then? 

You may be a whiz at social media, to be honest, and you really do not have time or energy to monitor your online platforms.  So what will you do to get better lead generation?

You must be shake yourself! Everything is living through online, you must keep up to the changes. Your online presence is absolutely essential when it comes to generating more leads.  If you do not know what to do we will generate the best ways to boost your business!

We shall inform you now!

one professioanl person can do many normal peoples work


Getting to the top of Google takes a long time.  If you’ve spoken to SEO experts – do not believe the hype of short time experience. It does not happen immediately, but requires patience, hard-work, discipline and various methods. Armeva provides all of them for you eventually, without keeping you on a limb. It will worth al the effort, time and money spend. We are talking about affordable – reachable – ranking high! Armeva can help you create a WOW ad that gets you noticed with Facebook ads and PPC.


Your network is crucial when leveraging your business, but you can not just magically create an email database (although some people buy them but beware of GDPR compliance).  So how will you have one? Well, subscribe here is a good start to gather subscribers, and you need some CTA’s (calls to action).  They should be on your blogs, news, home page and every possible space. Every time someone gives you an email address, you capture that email and add it to your database. Whenever you have something to say, perhaps to market your latest product, or t0 re-target customer – use that database and send your information to everyone on that list.

Try a Webinar

Another great way of getting traffic to your website is to create your very own webinar!  Offer for FREE webinars; this gets your subscribers excited.

You need to get people to sign up to your webinar (and you’ll get their information here to use on your database).  Then, when it comes to your webinar, give them a taster, do not give everything away.  At the end, thank each participant personally and use this as a chance to convert the lead. It’s over to you to use your charm and sell your services!

We guarantee we will be building your paid traffic that give you something really does shift your business up a gear.

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