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How many times have you left a website in frustration because each page takes so long to load!  Imagine if that’s happening to your website!  Customers, just like you, get equally frustrated and website speed optimization is very important, not just for your customers’ experience but also for SEO.  If your website doesn’t load quickly enough for your visitors, you will lose out on conversions and sales.  At Armeva, we can assess your website for speed and make recommendations which we can also implement.  Just by rectifying the problem you’ll see more traffic stay on-page and enjoy a better bottom line!  Why not call us to talk about what we can do for you?  Click here to get in touch.

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YOUR Website Speed

This relates to how quickly your website loads and it’s not just about your website visitors’ experience, it’s also essential as far as Google’s concerned.  Page speed is another aspect of SEO so if your website is on the slow side, it won’t rank as highly as it should.  After all, Google’s job is to provide users with the best-matching results, so a poor-speed website won’t impress them and won’t come highly in the rankings either.  It’s all about the bounce rate.  That relates to when users bounce off your website to another to find the same information faster.  If your website experiences lots of bounce, then Google will take notice and penalize your website, so it drops lower down the search engine ranks.  Page speed doesn’t just relate to how quickly your website loads up on a desktop or laptop, it also relates to how quickly it loads on a mobile device, so a responsive, fast website is absolutely paramount for all businesses.

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Why Your Website is Slow

There are reasons why your website is slow to load, such as the following
we’ll check and analyze your website to find out what’s causing the problems):

  • Poor HTML Coding, which we will check for you. Sometimes, large, and complicated websites have jumbled code that slows down response time.  We will identify any coding that needs rectifying and do it for you.

  • Unoptimized Graphics, while having graphics on your website is important for good user experience, and it breaks up copy, sometimes high-resolution images slow down page loading time. We will identify any oversized images and condense them so while they still look the same, they don’t slow down your website loading time.

  • Multiple Redirects. Websites use redirects when you replace links to an old webpage to direct users to a new one.  These are coded and lots of websites use them but if you have too many on one page, the end result is very slow page response.  We will identify the problem and rectify it for you.

  • Server Location. If your server is a long way from your website, it makes sense that your website won’t response as quickly as it should.  You should select a local server, or at least a server that’s in the same country as you.  We’ll check your server location and if necessary, we’ll swap you over.  Often shared servers slow down websites so you might be better off moving to a dedicated server.

Rest assured; with Armeva you get outstanding service.  To troubleshoot your website speed problems, we’ll assign you with your very own Project Manager who will work with you for the duration of your project.  Behind the scenes at Armeva, our team of website specialists will take over and analyze your website performance, leaving no stone unturned.  We’ll also audit your current server configuration which will help us decide what needs to be done to improve your website speed.

There’s lots we can do to improve your web speed and we’ll get on with the task very quickly because we know you need a fully responsive, fast website for your business.  We’re also budget-friendly and transparent with our costs.  Whatever we quote you, is what you’ll pay – no hidden extras.  Why not get in touch with us today and obtain your no-obligation quotation?

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