How to Rank on Google

Where you appear on Google’s search engine is really important.  Even if you have an eye-popping website that’s jam-packed with relevant content, if you’re not on page one, then you can bet your bottom dollar, you’re missing a huge chunk of opportunity.  But ranking on Google isn’t easy especially as there are over 50 billion websites listed on the search engine!  How do you make sure you’re always visible to your audience when you’re fighting off that competition?  Armeva is an award-winning digital marketing agency that helps thousands of businesses and brands every year improve their online presence and grow to the pinnacle of success.  We can help you too, especially with SEO and Google ranking so get in touch with one of our experts today.  In the meantime, here are some of the methods you could employ to improve your Google ranking.

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Make Sure Your Website User Experience is Excellent

If your website isn’t easy to navigate then you’ll turn off your visitors.  Slow page response, inability to read a website on a mobile and poor layout won’t impress your website visitors so check your user experience.  If your website is easy to use, enjoyable to read and has valuable information within its pages, your user will likely stay on it for longer.  If there are error pages, or it takes what feels like an age to load, or your website is full of out-dated, dull content, no one wants to waste their time!  Google penalizes websites that don’t load well and aren’t usable across all devices and if visitors bounce off your web page in seconds, that also affects your Google ranking. Get Armeva to check your website’s user experience and identify areas to improve.


Check Your Page Speed

As part of your website’s user experience, your page load time should be instant, and it’s measured by Google in their Core Web Vitals upgrade.  Faster websites rank higher than slow websites, it might be that you need to change your server because you’re located too far away to get good page speed.  Armeva are experts in web speed, let us look behind the scenes and pinpoint the reasons why your website’s taking its time to load.  Then, we’ll rectify it for you and improve your Google ranking as a result.


Strive for More Backlinks

We’re talking about links from other websites to yours.  These give your website gravitas on Google.  Incoming links to your website that originate from high-authority domains automatically alert Google, and you get rewarded with a better search ranking and more web traffic.  When you contact other websites, do your research first, make sure they’re relevant and when you request a link, offer one to them in return.


Use Keyword Research

The most obvious way to improve your ranking on Google is to do your keyword research.  Keywords are the phrases that Google users (and users on other search engines) put into the search bar, to look for the information they want.  The most searchable phrases are captured by Google.  To find out your keywords, you need to perform a keyword search and the best website to do this is here: “click

Alternatively, Armeva can do it all for you when you speak to our experts, and make sure that you rank highly for your best-searched terms.  Once you’ve identified your keywords, you need to carefully weave them into your existing content and produce new content displaying those keywords. Then, when a user searches for one of your keywords, your web page should display in their search results, and this helps to push you up the ranks.



Fix Any Broken Links

Websites, like bricks and mortar shops and offices, need to look professional and be slick.  If you have lots of broken links and error pages, your visitors will soon look elsewhere.  Check your broken links and fix them using this useful website here: “click


Use Header Tags (H1 and H2)

These make your content more readable and easier for human’s to digest!  Google likes header tags in content.  Not only does it break up chunks of content, but it’s also a super way to structure your text and place more emphasis on the key takeaways.


Optimize Your Web Images

All websites need to be visually appealing but when using images, make sure that they’re fully optimized as if they’re slow to load, they will affect your website’s speed.  Your images need to be compressed and have descriptive names, so they’re picked up by Google search.  Don’t forget to include alt text.  If it all sounds too technical, you could contact the website team at Armeva to do it for you, all at an affordable price too!


Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Local Searches

If you don’t have a global audience and want to focus on reaching a local audience, there’s lots to do.  Firstly, include your location in as many keywords as possible.  For example, if you’re a plumber in New York, that should be one of your keywords but if you’re a plumber in downtown New York, you’ll want to add “downtown New York” to your keywords.  Put your district, area, or local village into your keywords to get found by users needing your service.  You should also claim your Google My Business listing page and get your business in local directories’ listings.  Encourage your customers to leave you a review, as these help to elevate your presence on the Google Business ranking area.  Manage your business listing here: “click


remember it takes time to rank on Google, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.  To gain traction quickly, it’s always better to use an expert’s help.  For effective Google ranking, call in Armeva and see real results, in record-breaking time.

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