A Customized Social Media Marketing Campaign

We don’t offer set packages for social media marketing Management because we believe that every business is different.  We prefer to talk to you about what you want, throw in some of our own ideas, and develop a bespoke strategy that’s yours and yours alone.  Every one of our Social Media Management clients gets their own Armeva Project Manager, by your side throughout our partnership.  We will include plenty of activities when you choose us:

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Why Social Media Management Is Right for You?

Social Media Management is perfect for any business, whether it’s B2B or B2C and you can use it to reach your marketing goals.  Not only does it improve brand awareness, but it also increases sales and keeps your business name high in mind.  Additionally, effective Social Media Management creates better relationships with you and your customers, and that leads to brand loyalty.  So, there are so many benefits to using Social Media Management!

Using Armeva for your Social Media Management gets you to access expert Social Media Strategists, gives you focus on all of your networks (and discovers new network opportunities), and creates a social media calendar so you know what posts are going where, and when.  It also gives you a team to respond to your customers whenever they comment or send a message and we measure your social media performance so you can see just how worthwhile your investment in social media is.  Handing over your social media to us gives you more time to focus on the other important areas of your business.  We know it sounds great, so don’t delay and call us today.  Let’s make your social media stand out!

Launch a Campaign on One or All of the Social Media Networks

Using our Social Media Management service, you can choose a single campaign for a single network or launch a social media marketing campaign across a couple of networks or all.  We work across all social media networks, and we can advise on the best platforms for your business.   Once you decide to use our services, you’ll meet your Project Manager who will lead your social media strategy.  First, they’ll get to know your business and do industry research as well as an in-depth analysis of your current social media presence.  Then they will work with our social media team to develop your social media strategy that uses data to support its activities.  This will be presented to you for feedback.  Once we’ve tweaked the strategy to fit in with your needs, we’ll get started.

As soon as your strategy is signed off by you, we’ll start your campaign using our in-house creative social media team and advanced marketing software. First, we will create a list of monthly deliverables.  These can change at any given moment; we believe in a fluid strategy as social media evolves so quickly!

Once we’ve launched your innovative social media marketing campaign, we can start measuring its performance, and that happens fast.  We’ll tell you how well you’re doing in a matter of days, that’s the beauty of social media, and you get real results very quickly. The reporting allows us to capitalize on what’s doing well and tweak what’s not performing as well as it should be, and we get onto that immediately, so you gain all the benefits as quickly as possible.  We will achieve superb results and guarantee the following:

  • Original social media posts that are yours and yours alone.
  • Building your followers across all social media networks that your business uses.
  • Customized images that grab attention and make people take note!
  • Visually stunning and industry-specific cover photographs and profile photographs (fully optimized).
  • We keep a keen eye on what your competitors are doing so you’re always ahead of the game.

We are leaders in Social Media Management and when you partner with us, you’re in good hands.  Our teams are extremely talented and creative, you’ll get all of our expertise, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy working with us.  So, let’s take your social media marketing into the stratosphere!  Contact us today.

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